Request for Feedback

The GFXC is seeking feedback on "last look" practices in the FX market. The text of the Global Code was recently finalized and it provides recommendations that reflect a broad set of global views both from public and private sector participants. The GFXC encourages market participants to adopt the final Global Code and incorporate it into their activities.

As the structure of the FX market evolves in future and market practices adapt, the GFXC is committed to evolving the Global Code to maintain its relevance. In that regard, the GFXC intends to periodically request feedback from market participants and others on specific topics. The first such request is being launched today alongside the release of the Code, and focuses on a practice within electronic trading known as "last look", specifically trading activity during the last look window related to a last look trade request.

The GFXC is due to meet on 14 November 2017 in London and plans to publish the feedback submitted in response to the Request for Feedback on "last look" - as appropriate - just before that meeting.

Download the Request for Feedback