Global Index of Public Registers

The GFXC has established a Global Index of Public Registers ("Global Index"). The Global Index acts as a central location that links the various Participating Public Registers, providing a more comprehensive view of market participants' commitment to good practices.

Market participant name Date of admission Date of statement Public register Type of Market participant

The GFXC will determine which Public Registers are to be included in the Global Index based on the criteria for inclusion in the Global Index, and reserves the right to not admit any Public Register, which is deemed to have not met the criteria.

Public Registers that are interested to be included into the Global Index can contact the GFXC Secretariat at to get more information.

The Global Index sources data once a day from the Participating Public Registers. This may cause a delay in the appearance of a Market Participant in the Global Index compared to when it has been admitted to a Participating Public Register. Date of admission has format YYYY-MM and Date of statement has format YYYY-MM-DD.


The Global Index serves solely as a means to locate information about Market Participants' Statements held by Participating Public Registers. Neither the GFXC, any local foreign exchange committee, nor any of their respective members institutions or agents, nor any entity involved in the preparation of material on the Global Index website, including but not limited to the GFXC Secretariat and the Markets Committee at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), (i) warrant, nor accept any responsibility or liability for the authenticity, accuracy or completeness of any information contained on any Participating Public Register or provided by any Participating Public Register, (ii) monitor or verify adherence to the Code by the Market Participants that are listed on any Participating Public Register, (iii) monitor any Participating Public Register's compliance with its terms and conditions or any other of its undertakings.

Use of the Global Index is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the GFXC's website, which are available at