Adopting the Code

Widespread adoption of the FX Global Code across the diverse and broad spectrum of market participants is vital to the integrity and effective functioning of the foreign exchange market. This section includes educational material and tools produced by the GFXC to support Market Participants in their adoption and adherence to the Code. These materials are not formally part of the Code and should not be viewed as an extension of the Code.

Given the Code’s voluntary nature it will only be effective in strengthening conduct standards if Market Participants embrace, adopt and adhere to it. The Code has benefitted from a significant investment of time, effort and resource by those Market Participants directly involved in its development via the MPG and regional FXCs, as well as central banks. This has been essential to the creation of a relevant Code, and to the establishment of a framework which promotes and facilitates widespread adherence.

An Introduction to the FX Global Code: Presentation outlining the benefits for signing on to the Code

Listen to podcasts with representatives from buy-side firms outlining their motivation for adherence and the benefits of the Code:

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  • RBC Global Asset Management/360T: Tangible Benefits of the Code (Episode 44)
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  • CFA Institute: Good Governance of FX Markets Requires Support of All Market Participants
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A report on the Effective Means of Buy-side Engagement – July 2021

Download the Foreign Exchange Working Group Report on Adherence May 2017