Press Releases

5 July 2024: GFXC convened in Frankfurt to assess progress on the three-year review of the Code and examined potential modifications to further mitigate FX Settlement Risk, and enhance the transparency of FX transactions under delegated execution and on the use of client generated FX data

5 December 2023: GFXC meets to assess the progress on Code adherence, discuss recent developments on accelerated securities settlement and its impact on FX markets, update efforts around FX settlement data, and prepare for the upcoming three-year review of the Code

5 June 2023: GFXC meets in Mexico City to launch Proportionality Self-Assessment Tool, announce FX Global Code Survey and elect new Chair

6 December 2022: GFXC meets to discuss work programme progress to further strengthen FX Global Code adherence, especially on buy side, and endorse new Co-Vice Chair

28 June 2022: GFXC meets in Zurich to approve work programme. It will continue work on strengthening adherence to Code with emphasis on benefits for buy and sell side

17 December 2021: GFXC meets to select new Chair and new Co-Vice Chair, updates Registers to incorporate Disclosure Cover Sheets and plans for future work

18 August 2021: GFXC releases guidance paper on Last Look, publishes disclosure templates

15 July 2021: GFXC updates FX Global Code, publishes new templates for disclosures and guidance paper on Pre-hedging

8 June 2021: GFXC Chair responds to commentary on draft guidance paper on pre-hedging

11 May 2021: GFXC publishes Request for Feedback on draft guidance papers for pre-hedging and last look

8 April 2021: As its review of the FX Global Code nears completion, GFXC publishes Request for Feedback on proposed changes to the Code and draft disclosure templates

10 December 2020: GFXC meets via videoconference to discuss progress on the FX Global Code review, FX benchmarks, and announces new Co-Vice Chair

25 September 2020: GFXC meets via videoconference to discuss the progress of the FX Global Code review, trading conditions and settlement risk

23 June 2020: GFXC meets via teleconference to discuss FX market conditions, impact of Covid-19 on industry

26 March 2020: GFXC Issues Statement on FX Market Conditions

30 January 2020: GFXC Publishes Report on Anonymous Trading and Shares Results from Industry Survey

4 December 2019: GFXC Meets in Sydney to Agree Priorities for Updating the FX Global Code 

10 July 2019: GFXC Provides Further Detail on the Three-Year Review, Announces New Co-Vice Chair, and Releases New Work Products 

22 May 2019: GFXC Meets in Tokyo to Select New Chair, Progress Key Objectives and Plan for Future Work 

14 February 2019: GFXC Publishes Reports on Disclosures and Cover and Deal, Shares Survey Results, Announces Next Meeting 

29 November 2018: GFXC Meets in Paris to Discuss Ongoing Efforts on Priority Areas

4 October 2018: GFXC Launches New Survey Focused on FX Global Code, Announces Next Meeting, and Provides Update on Working Groups

6 August 2018: GFXC Publishes Review of Completed Work and Details for Priorities Ahead, Updates FX Global Code Examples

27 June 2018: GFXC Selects New Chair and Co-Vice Chairs, Updates on Developments Since Launch of FX Global Code, and Sets Priorities for Year Ahead 

29 May 2018: The GFXC has established a Global Index of Public Registers

16 April 2018: Over 100 Market Participants have now made Statements of Commitment to the FX Global Code

20 March 2018: GFXC announces new interim Chair

19 December 2017: GFXC publishes revised last look guidance

15 November 2017: Update from 14 November GFXC meeting

25 May 2017: New Global Foreign Exchange Committee (GFXC) formed