GFXC Survey

The GFXC conducts periodic surveys with the aim of measuring levels of awareness and adoption of the FX Global Code by Market Participants (as defined by the Code). The surveys may also include additional sections on topical areas of interest to inform the GFXC's thinking and identify potential areas of further work.  

The 2023 FX Global Code Survey to measure the effectiveness of the Code as revised in July 2021 and its associated material was launched on 20 September 2023. The information collected through the Survey will assist the GFXC in determining where to focus the next Code review. The Survey is open to all FX Market Participants. If you would like to participate in the Survey please contact The deadline for responses is 11 October 2023. Only aggregated survey results will be published, and accordingly individual responses will not be identifiable.

Please see the Bank of England's Privacy Notice as to how your personal data will be processed.

The results of the 2019, 2018 and 2017 surveys can be found below.

FX Global Code Survey 2019 results

FX Global Code Survey 2018 results

FX Global Code Survey 2017 results