Press Releases

5 June 2023: GFXC meets in Mexico City to launch Proportionality Self-Assessment Tool, announce FX Global Code Survey and elect new Chair

6 December 2022: GFXC meets to discuss work programme progress to further strengthen FX Global Code adherence, especially on buy side, and endorse new Co-Vice Chair

28 June 2022: GFXC meets in Zurich to approve work programme. It will continue work on strengthening adherence to Code with emphasis on benefits for buy and sell side

17 December 2021: GFXC meets to select new Chair and new Co-Vice Chair, updates Registers to incorporate Disclosure Cover Sheets and plans for future work

18 August 2021: GFXC releases guidance paper on Last Look, publishes disclosure templates

15 July 2021: GFXC updates FX Global Code, publishes new templates for disclosures and guidance paper on Pre-hedging

8 June 2021: GFXC Chair responds to commentary on draft guidance paper on pre-hedging

11 May 2021: GFXC publishes Request for Feedback on draft guidance papers for pre-hedging and last look

8 April 2021: As its review of the FX Global Code nears completion, GFXC publishes Request for Feedback on proposed changes to the Code and draft disclosure templates

10 December 2020: GFXC meets via videoconference to discuss progress on the FX Global Code review, FX benchmarks, and announces new Co-Vice Chair

25 September 2020: GFXC meets via videoconference to discuss the progress of the FX Global Code review, trading conditions and settlement risk

23 June 2020: GFXC meets via teleconference to discuss FX market conditions, impact of Covid-19 on industry

26 March 2020: GFXC Issues Statement on FX Market Conditions

30 January 2020: GFXC Publishes Report on Anonymous Trading and Shares Results from Industry Survey

4 December 2019: GFXC Meets in Sydney to Agree Priorities for Updating the FX Global Code 

10 July 2019: GFXC Provides Further Detail on the Three-Year Review, Announces New Co-Vice Chair, and Releases New Work Products 

22 May 2019: GFXC Meets in Tokyo to Select New Chair, Progress Key Objectives and Plan for Future Work 

14 February 2019: GFXC Publishes Reports on Disclosures and Cover and Deal, Shares Survey Results, Announces Next Meeting 

29 November 2018: GFXC Meets in Paris to Discuss Ongoing Efforts on Priority Areas

4 October 2018: GFXC Launches New Survey Focused on FX Global Code, Announces Next Meeting, and Provides Update on Working Groups

6 August 2018: GFXC Publishes Review of Completed Work and Details for Priorities Ahead, Updates FX Global Code Examples

27 June 2018: GFXC Selects New Chair and Co-Vice Chairs, Updates on Developments Since Launch of FX Global Code, and Sets Priorities for Year Ahead 

29 May 2018: The GFXC has established a Global Index of Public Registers

16 April 2018: Over 100 Market Participants have now made Statements of Commitment to the FX Global Code

20 March 2018: GFXC announces new interim Chair

19 December 2017: GFXC publishes revised last look guidance

15 November 2017: Update from 14 November GFXC meeting

25 May 2017: New Global Foreign Exchange Committee (GFXC) formed